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Our Company


Our company was born out of the increasing need in today’s businesses for a more objective and scientific approach to financial risk management, asset valuation, and portfolio optimization.

The applications of mathematics to the business world are vast and varied – and sometimes not always obvious.  Through comprehensive use of quantitative modeling we give our clients an advantage, and through IQ, our proprietary software product, we make that advantage a reality.

The high volatility of currencies, commodities and interest rates, coupled with the increased correlation of financial markets, has shown the significant effect that movements in market prices have on the bottom line of businesses.

At the same time, management is aware that it cannot control such market movements. Companies in different industries are dedicated to becoming the best at what they do, be it finance, energy, agriculture, technology, etc. However, due to issues outside of their control, the results are highly volatile.

At Risk Management Insight we make it our business to help our clients efficiently manage their exposure.

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