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Through the mathematical modeling of its client’s business and the probabilistic modeling of financial markets RMI identifies, quantifies, and helps its clients manage their market risk. By applying its mathematical expertise, this is done in an efficient way.

RMI’s goal is to set up a complete risk management process so that its clients can make value-added decisions.

RiskIQ, RMI's proprietary software product, gives clients the ability to run sensitivity analysis and simulation analysis on any market risk factor affecting their company operations or financials.   RiskIQ gives management the ability to monitor daily market risk, stress test the company, follow market data, build reports and much more.  Through advanced simulation techniques all market variables are modeled, this allows clients to see how their operations and financials perform in any market scenario - no matter how unlikely. 

RMI believes that knowledge and planning are the surest ways to protect a company - through RiskIQ our clients can accomplish that.

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